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Anugrah in Balianese means “blessing”. This five suite villa estate is truly blessed with opulent luxury and a sublime location. The west facing Villa Anugrah is bespoke in every sense.


Located on the South-Western tip of the ‘Bukit’ the tropical landscaped villa is set back approximately 45 metres from the dramatic cliff front. This four suite west facing estate provides a front-row seat to the aqua-marine Indian ocean and stunning sunsets. White sand beaches with a treasure-trove of marine life and spectacular coral. Perched directly above one of the world’s most famous *surf beaches – Uluwatu – it is not uncommon to have a number of world-class surfers enjoying shredding picture-perfect waves.


The Villa is one of the first private villas in Bali to observe strict environmental standards to reduce our carbon footprint. These initiatives include:

• Solar Hot Water System

• 2 x Plunge Pools

• 1 x Jacuzzi

• Rain water reticulation system (to re-use rainwater for cleaning etc.)

• Timer systems on the automatic sprinkling system

• Reclaimed solid timber throughout the property

• A design that utilizes the natural wind / ventilation

• Air conditioning systems that utilize the latest compressor technology

• LED lighting in over 90% of the property including external areas

• Underground storage of rainwater

• Environmentally friendly amenities

• Wedding sit down dinner capacity of up to 250 people


Uluwatu beach is only a eight minute walk from the villa. And one of Bali’s most important temples; Uluwatu temple, is a five minute drive away.


No attention to detail is spared as our professional staff of 16 ensure your every whim is catered for. Vila Anugrah is your blessing come true.


Our name means “Blessing” in Bahasa Indonesian. And I am sure that you will agree that the surrounding environment is a true blessing!


We have some wonderful staff here that will help to ensure you have a great stay.


More About Our Environmental Efforts


In line with the wonderful surroundings we have made a conscious effort to implement the latest technology to help preserve our environment. We are delighted to outline what we have implemented and some background information for your perusal.


As you are probably aware, Bali is blessed with natural beauty, but has a hard time dealing with issues such as water shortage, an undersized electricity grid, rubbish and sewage removal. In order to do our part, from the initial planning stages, we decided to lead rather than follow when it comes to ways in which to help preserve our environment.


We have over 600 lights, 90% are LED lights that contribute along way to saving electricity. Considering that a normal ‘energy efficient’ light uses approximately 15 watts and a standard LED uses only 1 – 3 watts.


Our garden uses recycled water to keep the plants nurtured. The vast majority of watering is done whilst you are sleeping on a computerized timer system. This saves up to 40% of our water versus watering during the day. You will however find our gardener watering some of the more thirsty plants during the day.


All hot water is generated from the sun. Solar hot water is unlimited during the day (even on cloudy days) but you will find that at night the temperature will be tepid to hot; not ‘boiling hot’. We trust you understand.


Much of our water used on the estate is rainwater. We have a system of catchment areas on the roofs that allow us to retain and store nature’s best water. This water is stored in environmentally friendly tanks underground.


Our drinking water is all fresh spring or distilled water. We try not to serve in plastic bottles and instead use glass or resin tumblers.


Many of the plants have been chosen for there ability to endure tough conditions. The air on the bukit is high in salt content, and the prevailing winds strong during the Trade Winds period.


The orientation of the property and design of the window and doors has been done to create maximum cross ventilation and too help naturally cool the villa.


We do have air conditioners in all bedrooms, dining room, breakfast area, and chill out area. All use the latest ‘inverter’ technology and are split types; which allows you the customer to choose to run an area independent to a normal system in a hotel or villa. We recommend that the temperature be set at 24C – this is important to not have too great a temperature differential from outside to inside to avoid what is known as ‘thermal shock’. They work very fast, so we encourage you to turn them off when you are not in your room. That will help us all to save power and the environment.


We have used substantial natural stones throughout the villa and estate. This allowed us to drastically reduce the usage of wood. These stones are found in abundance in Java and create a natural and cooler media for floor coverings. All have been treated with ‘nano’ technology that protects surfaces for all types of stains so if you drop a glass of red, don’t despair: our staff will simply wipe it clean.


The solid timber we used for doors and in the bedrooms is all from renewable/ sustainable timber farms. Our main entrance doors are recycled and were originally from a royal family in Java. They are estimated at 200+ years old.


In order to reduce the usage of water, detergents and cleaning solutions, we have adopted a system of changing sheets every other day. If you would like sheets changed everyday, please tell our staff and they will be happy to implement.


Like most ‘green’ establishments we also encourage you to re-use towels if they are not soiled. This is of course not mandatory but we will all appreciate your understanding. If you want a new towel, simply place it in the bathtub.


Finally, we hope you enjoy the abundance of nature that resides on the estate. From beautiful birds, to chirping crickets, flowering lotus’s, croaking frogs, colorful dragonflies, geckos, a stray cat called ‘Virgil’ and even monkeys that love to steal food. We also have lots of different insects, bugs etc. We would love for you to respect and appreciate this magnificent flora and fauna as much as we do. Do keep in mind that we are in the tropics so if you have bugs or the occasional bird that flies into the villa, don’t be alarmed, as this was their home before we decided to share it with them!


We are sure that you will enjoy your stay in Anugrah, and if there is anything we can do for you, please ask.


Blessings to you and your families!


Love and light,


The Anugrah Team


*Uluwatu beach was voted #3 of the world’s top beaches by CNN in 2012.




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