Villa Anugrah service is attention to detail, and the menu features a wide selection of culinary delights. We serve both Western and Balinese dining options. Nothing is too much trouble for us to create. We look forward to creating signature dishes that complement your exquisite surroundings.

Lunch & Dinner Special Menus

We have some special lunch and dinner menus on offer, which require a day’s notice for the chef in order for him to make arrangements. Keep in mind that while the villa’s facilities and staff capabilities are of the highest quality, the villa’s kitchen cannot maintain the same inventory as a large restaurant. Therefore, our friendly staff will liaise with you to go through options on a daily basis.

Dinner parties and functions can all be catered to – please ask the chef or manager for more details at any time of the day, whether you are requesting breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.


Food & Beverage Charges

For your convenience, as with all charges, food & beverage charges will be billed to your final account and payable in total upon checkout.


Special Requests & Dietary Requirements
Should you have a request for a dish not on the menu, or a special dietary requirement, please feel free to ask the chef, who will strive to comply with all of your wishes. Special items that need to be purchased and billed to you at cost plus 30% (Villa Anugrah team will present receipts as proof of purchase and add the total of cost + 30% to your final bill).


Large Dining Groups
If you have a large group it is advisable that the group dines on the same dish or that you order several dishes to be shared. Please allow at least one day’s notice, and feel free to discuss any requirements with the chef or villa manager.

Villa Anugrah has a stock of soft drinks, beers, spirits, wines and champagnes. All beverages are charged per drink that you order, except for wine which is charged per bottle.

We always strive to make you happy so if you require a rare bottle of wine or a particular beverage our butler will accommodate your needs. As much notice as possible is appreciated. Any special items that need to be purchased separately will be billed to you at cost plus 30%.