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An Interview with Villa Anugrah’s Manager

Perched high above Bali’s most renowned powder-white sand beaches, on the quiet southwesterly tip of the island, the luxury Villa Anugrah is a lavish four-suite private estate ready to ‘wow’ the most discerning guest. One of the finest villas in Bali, the large tropical landscaped estate with its westerly facing cliff top, serves up breathtaking sunset views over the Indian Ocean. Villa Anugrah combines beautiful architecture, incredible staff and jaw dropping vistas and recently won some pretigious tourism related awards. We had a chance to catch up with the manager of Villa Anugrah recently to gain some insights on this fabulous villa.

1. Were there any obstacles you’ve encountered along the way to becoming one of the most prestigious villas in Bali? What were they?

We have had to earn our stripes. The high end accommodation market is competitive so we have had to provide exceptional service to be counted amongst the best wedding villas in Bali.

2. What achievements/milestones are you most proud of?

In 2015, Villa Anugrah won an award from prestigious ‘Indonesian Improvement Awards 2015’ as ‘The Best Villa With Exceptional Hospitality Of The Year’. This was a very proud moment for us all at Villa Anugrah.

3. What are the things does Villa Anugrah offer that others don’t?

We are the one and only villa on Uluwatu cliff that could accommodate a party or wedding reception with 200 people to 250 people with a sitting arrangement or 250 people to 300 people on standing arrangement. Villa Anugrah is located along the main road of Uluwatu and could accommodate up to 4 buses with 45 seats. This makes us very convenient. Our guests also enjoy a sublime sunset all year around. We also have very unique architecture and a strong environmentally friendly theme right throughout the villa. Our green initiatives place us as one of the most environmentally friendly villas in Bali. For example, we use solar hot water, LED lights (even our chandelier), water is a reticulation system, we collect rain water.

4. How do new guests find you? (word of mouth, online, etc.)

We are a relative new property. Since the genesis our booking source is 60% from Wedding Organizer recommendations, 30% from online and 5% from magazine, 5% from word of mouth. Which means that over 65% of our bookings come from word-of-mouth.

5. What do you think brings guests (old and new) to the villa?

For the new guests, we establish trust and make them feel comfortable. It is a long process and important decision for a wedding couple to decided on their venue. Therefore, we like to give our guests the ultimate experience to make that decision. We are happy to invite our potential guests to visit our property so they can experience the grandeur of Villa Anugrah and our exception service.

We are fortunate to have many repeat guests. Sometimes twice in a year! We always strive to give our best service to our clients as we want them to return back to Anugrah in the future or for them to recommend us to their friends and family. We want them all to feel like an extended family.

6. What type of problems have you usually encountered at the villa?

Some seasons, we experience rain with strong winds in the villa. Fortunately, this is a very limited season, and some guests actually enjoy the strong winds.

7. Where do you see Villa Anugrah’s business in a few years?

We want to be known as the most beautiful villa for weddings or a stay in Bali. We see that goal is quickly becoming a reality but we will continue to strive to ensure that we stay in that position.

8. What are your plans for the future?

We have plans to expand our Villa Anugrah’s sales marketing especially wedding site to overseas. We have a plan to penetrate the Chinese and Australian market. We have a plan to build more guest facilities inside the villa in the near future. However, our standards are extremely high in partners so we are not prepared to rush the expansion.

9. Why do you think Villa Anugrah is so popular with couples wanting to get married?

Villa Anugrah is the Premier Luxury Villa on the cliff Uluwatu with an uninterrupted sunset panorama and because the incredible service the Villa Anugrah team provides our guests from pre-booking to their event or stay. I also think it is because of our ability to host an intimate wedding, right up to a large wedding for up to 300 people. We also have own own sound system, our pool is fitted with state-of-the-art LED’s colored light system which enables us to create an enormous amount of moods. Maybe it is also our yummy food! Our pricing structure is also very compelling for what our guests get. There is really a mulitude of reasons, but each of our guests has their own. We just want to ensure they have the very best experience and we are grateful that so many people are finding us an attractive propositiion for Bali weddings and events.

10. How would you describe the view from VA?

Set against the backdrop of the aquamarine Indian Ocean, our sunsets are spectacular. What continually amazes our guests is the amazing colors. The property leaves an indelible impression on everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. Nature has a way to create the most breathtaking views and scenes. It really is the perfect setting in every way for a wedding or a stay away from the daily stresses of life! A perfect way to recharge your battery.